How to bypass WatchGuard HTTP proxy

Can’t use Facebook ….. YouTube or your favorite site ?

Frustrated because of restrictions in your country ?

Tired almost every proxy websites but can’t access any of them ?


If you’re answer to any of the question is yes then You’re at the right place to learn a simple method that almost every computer geek use to bypass restrictions in their college/office.

In this article I’m gonna show you How to bypass browsing restrictions  using proxy software called Ultrasurf and surf your favorite websites

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So what is Ultrasurf ? 

It’s a well know proxy software using this software, you can access various social networks like Orkut, Youtube, Myspace, Hi5, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc, which are blocked most schools,colleges and offices. in few seconds. I’m using this software to bypass restrictions in my college. The best thing about this software is its 100% FREE!


Some of the features of UltraSurf

  1. It can bypass major firewalls (like WatchGuard HTTP Proxy)
  2. It will hide your real IP
  3. It is portable (Yep! You don’t need to install it)
  4. Encrypt your activities
  5. It is Easy to Use

Note :

If you are using web browsers other than FireFox, it will automatically do nessary setting but if you are using it then you need to do it manually. Don’t worry it’s damn easy

How to use ultrasurf with firefiox ?
Just follow the following simple steps to use ultrasurf proxy software with firefox

  • Go to Tools -> Options ->Networks tab
  • Then choose the manual proxy option
  • Enter the following details in it

HTTP Proxy :

Port : 9666

UltraSurf Download How to bypass WatchGuard HTTP proxy

Do you like this article?

Did you got any other method to bypass WatchGuard HTTP Proxy?
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  1. really g8 tutorial……

  2. does this actually work?

  3. i’m also website maker doing b.e 2nd year my college they are using watch,i need how hack log in username and password.because some usernames not hava resume capacity.

  4. Why use an exe file? Those don’t open in Linux.

  5. maninder says:

    it’s awesome dude,it really works for watchguard firewall

  6. I have been using Ultrasurf for the past 10 – 11 months in my office. It worked well till last week. But for the last 5 days, ultrasurf is not working. It couldn’t connect to the server. It uses settings Still its not able to connect to internet. Is there a way to rectify this or is there any other software similar to ultrasurf for bypassing Watchguard Firewall.

  7. Port 9666 is Blocked! how can we bypass? any alternative solution?

  8. Yaa man…it really worked with Internet Explorer!!! Thanks man

  9. in my collage here all downloding site is block by watch guard please help

  10. Hi
    I have been using ultra soft for more than a year.o issues at all till a few days back.
    Its not connecting now.
    Used latest version also. It too does not connect.

    It seems that my it guys have blocked it someway

    I have heard that it is just almost impossible to block it

    Can any one suggest what could be reason.

    They are using SONIC WALL & watch guard proxy.

    Please help me to access social .sites.

  11. Its not connecting man…..
    and this link which you suggested
    is not giving any result while am i trying to search

  12. anil roy says:

    In my office watchguard tracks all the website i visited. can it be possible if possible then how to avoid tracking from it. plz reply.

  13. anil roy says:

    using vpn like ultrasurf and hotspotshield can able to hide my visited page from watchguard..??

  14. Hi Ashik Nesin i don’t know how to break the watchguard http proxy in my college hostel wifi, Could you tell me the steps to break or bypass it

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